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In December of 2023, I set a goal for myself: to DJ at a club in 2024.

I’d been DJing for a few years at house parties and a couple of bars using my own equipment.

But I’d never DJed at a nightclub on proper club equipment in front of strangers.

I didn’t know how I’d achieve this goal…

…until I found out about the “Intro to DJing” class offered by @leonv_music and @massimo_beltramo at @somamusichub.

As soon as I heard about the course, I thought “This is it. This is my chance.”

I signed up in March, attended all of the classes and private teaching sessions in April, and played my first club gig at Soma on May 18th.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have brilliant mentors in entrepreneurship and jiu-jitsu, but I was lacking one for DJing. Leon and Massimo are fantastic teachers. Enthusiastic, passionate, and dedicated to the craft and the industry. They played a massive role in helping me hone my skills. The ability to practice and get live feedback in front of them was invaluable.

I highly recommend the course to any aspiring DJ who not only wants to learn the fundamentals of DJing on CDJs, but also wants to learn about the “business” side of the industry. From beatmatching to personal branding, the course covered everything I wanted to know.

Without the course, I wouldn’t have developed the confidence to DJ at a club. It’s a no-brainer investment if you want to build your DJing skills, develop confidence behind the decks, learn to market yourself, and get your first club gig.

Follow Leon and Massimo to learn when the next course is available, and feel free to DM me if you have any questions about the course.

And make sure you check out Soma for incredible underground music in Vancouver.

(Pictured: Group photo of our cohort on the final day of the class. One of the coolest things about the course is the professional photoshoot that’s included. Shoutout to @zzzmedia for the shots.)

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